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In a nation of over 83 million people, Ethiopia is one of the oldest countries on earth. Although rich in history and culture, the effects of natural and man-made problems continue to increase suffering among Ethiopian families and children.

Sadly, millions continue to face chronic food insecurities, poor housing, and water shortages. Much of the population lacks access to clean water, basic sanitation, health care, and education. In addition, Ethiopia has one of the largest HIV populations, where millions of adults and children are affected.

As a result, homelessness, orphaned children, and child exploitation are among the worst worldwide.

During my seven year transformational journey, I went on many retreats, meditated and prayed for guidance, received advice from many Ethiopian friends, and established relationships and partnerships with supporters. I did everything humanly possible to prepare for my mission to Ethiopia.

However, nothing that I envisioned could prepare me for this level of poverty. This experience gave me a deeper sense of gratitude and propelled me to a higher level of commitment to give these children and families a better life.

Fortunate to have clean water, even though she traveled far.
Many Ethiopians suffer greatly from the lack of basic necessities of life.
What we take for granted is what they desperately need now.
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